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Youthful Aging Secrets: How to Turn Back the Clock

Youthful Aging Secrets Mary Jaksch

At any age, youthful aging secrets are important if you want to turn back your biological clock.

Most people in their 50s and 60s begin to dread getting older. They are scared of getting sick, becoming weaker, or even losing their minds.

What if you could stop or even reverse the process of aging?

Imagine what it would be like to get your body back, to sharpen your mind, and to get those creative juices flowing again?

Recent scientific research in rejuvenation biotechnology shows we can reset the clock and slow or even reverse aging. Scientists are developing strategies for undoing the damage caused by aging to restore youthful function to the human body and mind.

This is what Youthful Aging Secrets  is all about.

Do you want to reset YOUR BIOLOGICAL clock?

Grab a copy of the Kindle version of my new book, Youthful Aging Secrets (FREE until  July 19th.)  You can read the e-book on your phone, tablet, or laptop with the free Kindle app!

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It’s not only medical interventions that can slow or halt the process of aging. Specific lifestyle changes can also reverse aspects of aging—even on a cellular level.

I’ve just recently released the first book of my Youthful Aging Secrets series.

There is a new paradigm of aging that sees the later part of life as a chapter of vitality, creativity, happiness, and fulfillment. I call this new paradigm youthful aging.

This novel blueprint for aging youthfully is based on our positive plasticity, the innate capacity of human beings to adapt, change, and grow at any age.

Here's what happened…

The idea to write this book came to me on my birthday. I was training in a karate class for Black Belts. At the end of the class, I turned to my neighbor.

“Al,” I said, “the next Black Belt class is going to be challenging.”

“Why?” he said.

“It’s my birthday next week and, as you know, the tradition is that

you have to do your age in pushups.”

“How old are you going to be?” Al said.


Al’s jaw dropped. “What? You must be joking; you can’t be 70 years old!”

“I am. My birthday’s next week and I’ll have to do 70 pushups,” I said.

He thought for a moment. Then he said, “Well, I suppose you could do them on your knees.”

“On my knees?” I shot back. “Certainly not! I wouldn’t be seen dead doing pushups on my knees!”

Over the following days, I practiced pushups every morning. I was determined to do perfect, military-style pushups all the way through.

And then the moment came...

After the grueling two-hour Black Belt class, my teacher, Hanshi Andy Barber, called me to the front of the class. He pointed to the floor and said, “Let’s see your birthday pushups!”

Everyone in the class started counting out loud. As I passed 50, and then 60, the count got louder and louder. Finally, I ground out the last few pushups and completed my 70th one. The whole dojo erupted with cheers and clapping.

Later, fellow students came to congratulate me. Some of the super-fit guys in their 20s said, “I couldn’t complete 70 pushups. And I definitely can’t imagine doing pushups like that when I’m your age.”

“Why not?” I said. “All you have to do is keep going—and then rev up!”

The Problem With Negative Expectations

It was a shock to find that these young men had already narrowed their expectations of the later stages of life. After all, studies have shown that our body fulfills our negative—as well as our positive—expectations.

If someone expects to be weak and decrepit at 70, this is what is going to happen. But equally, if someone expects to be doing karate—and 70 pushups—at 70, this is most likely where they’re heading!

Youthful Aging Secrets

Now, my book, Youthful Aging Secrets,  is finally published!

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This book will change the trajectory of your life. You will end up with a completely new vision of what your mature years can be like. The new paradigm of youthful aging will help you to bloom into full glory at any stage of your life.
In Youthful Aging Secrets, you’ll learn

  • How the new paradigm of youthful aging is enhancing lives
  • Why neuroplasticity is the key to developing mentally and physically at any age.
  • How your mindset can reverse the effects of aging on a cellular level
  • Which key attitudes have the most rejuvenating effect on body and mind
  • How ordinary people have gone on to do extraordinary things in their mature years.

Read about thirteen youthful agers who have made their mature years the most exciting and productive time of their lives. Find out their secrets for getting the body back in shape, sharpening the mind, and getting the creative juices flowing.

Imagine being able to say like Charles Eugster:

“This mature time of life is absolutely marvelous, it’s stupendous, it’s terrific, amazing, exciting!”

By the way, Charles was 93 when he said that! This was shortly before he decided to take up sprinting and then went on to become a world record holder in the following years. (You can find his amazing story in Youthful Aging Secrets.)

The life stories of the youthful agers in these case studies will inspire you. Each one reveals their secret for enjoying a vital, energetic, connected, and fulfilling life at any age.

Becoming a youthful ager means anticipating and enjoying a time of life when you can learn, wonder, explore, experiment, play, and create in order to develop in every possible way.

The process of youthful aging is a personal revolution that awakens the potential within you and sets you free.

This revolution doesn’t happen overnight, though; it takes a series of steps to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

The first book in the Youthful Aging Secrets series, Youthful Aging Secrets: Live Better for Longer is now available as an e-book on Kindle. You can read it on a Kindle and also on your phone, tablet, or laptop if you download the free Kindle app.

You can also get Youthful Aging Secrets: How to Live Better for Longer as a paperback. To get the most out of it, I’ve also created a Youthful Aging Secrets Companion Workbook.

Click here to check out the book, Youthful Aging Secrets. 

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