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This Will Help You Start Meditation

Do you want to know how to start meditating?

Maybe you are looking for a way to cope with stress and find that peaceful center within.

Or maybe you want to explore a deeper sense of yourself and find a sense of ease and happiness.

Meditation can change your life in a wonderful way.

Many people try to meditate but find it just too difficult to get going – and to keep going.

My name is Mary Jaksch, and I’m an authorized Zen Master.

With my Meditation Resource Guide you can learn to meditate with ease.

Here is what the Mediation Resource Pack contains:

1. The Three-breaths Meditation video

This video will teach you a simple, very short meditation that you can do during the day as you go through your daily chores.

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how to start meditating2. Guided Meditation Audio

This downloadable guided meditation is only 10 minutes long.

You’ll find it invaluable as it will take you through a short meditation period.

It’s especially useful if your mind is restless because it will help you focus and find a calm space within.

binderlayingopen_550x6343. Meditation Guide

My meditation guide will answer your questions about meditation.

What does meditation do?

What are the core experiences of mediation?

What is the best posture and why?

How can I maintain my focus?

What about my thoughts?

How can I meditate if I’m feeling emotional?


How much does the Meditation Resource Guide cost?

How much is changing your life and becoming peaceful worth to you?

Because I want you to experience the peacefulness and ease that you can find through meditating, I’m offering the Meditation Resource Guide for the equivalent of a visit to Starbucks. (This price is for a limited time only).

Start meditating today and pay only $5.90 to get the complete Meditation Resource Pack.
Click below for immediate access.