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The Secret of Feeling Grounded

To feel grounded, it’s important to touch the earth.

Have you ever wondered why full prostrations are a ritual in many world religions? One of the reasons is that something important happens when we bow down and touch the ground with our body: We pour ourself into the earth and into the sky. And this outpouring makes us feel grounded.

Here are some ways to feel grounded:

  • Sitting on the ground

Most people sit on chairs or on sofas, not on the ground. However, it’s important to sit on the ground now and then. It allows us to be in touch with the earth. Next time you are in a park, sit on the grass. Experiment with sitting on the floor instead of on an armchair. What do you notice when you do that?

  • Gardening

If you have access to a garden or windowbox, sow some seeds. Watch them come up and unfold. Make sure that you use your bare hands to work in the earth – this is truly being in touch!

  • Walking barefoot

When did you last walk barefoot? Try it and notice the temperature, the feel of the ground under your foot, and the sensations on your skin.

  • Swimming

Most of the earth is covered by water. When you swim, you are also intimately in touch with the earth.

  • Surfing

When you enjoy water sports like surfing you also feel more grounded.

The key thing, whether you are walking, bowing, gardening, swimming, or surfing, is to pour yourself into your activity – body and soul. This is how you become grounded.


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