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10 Must-read Articles on Authentic Happiness

Do you want to feel happier?

Here is a selection of articles that will help you to feel happier in life:

Authentic Happiness


What Are Your Signature Strengths?


15 Questions That Reveal Your Ultimate Purpose in Life



35 Things That Make You special



How Meditation Makes You Happier and Slows the Ageing Process


17 Sure-Fire Ways to Overcome Grumpiness



The Magic of Compassion

Counting Your Blessings: 5 Ways to Increase Happiness



Gretchen Rubin:

Seven Tips for Making Yourself Happier in the Next Hour

Check out her lovely video The Years are Short

Here is a great article by Leo Babauta:

The Only Guide to Happiness You’ll Ever Need

Are there some other articles on happiness that you have found useful? Please let us know in the comments.

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