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Barrie Davenport’s inspiring course:  DISCOVER YOUR PASSION

Sometimes a program comes across your desk that is so special it must be shared. I have something really life changing that I want to share with you. It’s a course that can help you have an entirely different, happier life, one year from today.

In fact, for a moment, imagine it is one year from now.

You are looking back at the person you are today, wondering how you could have stayed stuck in your old life for so long.

  • You are a new person now – someone who wakes up every morning ready to seize the day.
  • You are energized and full of ideas and inspiration.
  • You are enthusiastic and excited to get started.
  • Your life is fulfilling — it’s beyond fulfilling. It is passionate.

Everything you do now is aligned with who you are and who you want to be. Every moment is a golden nugget of opportunity which you treasure immensely, because you are on the path that is perfect for you. And since this path is so perfect, your energy and enthusiasm make you super productive.

The course is called Discover Your Passion: A Step-By-Step Course for Creating the Life of Your Dreams. This 116-page, 7 module course will lead you through a process of self-discovery and deep awareness of who you are, what you want, and what is holding you back. It provides a guide for creating action steps and accountability so you can make the necessary changes to create the life of your dreams. I was blown away by it.

Click here to find out more.

It is by my friend and fellow blogger Barrie Davenport. Barrie is a career and life transition coach, a writer and editor, and founder of Live Bold and Bloom, a blog about bold and fearless personal growth. I have reviewed her course personally and can see why it is selling so well. It is packed with solid information, exercises, and assessments that will lead you to a brand new life.

I asked Barrie if she could do anything special for my readers, and she’s agreed to let me share something with you. She is going to be re-launching her course in a few weeks, and the pricing packages will be changing. If you are interested, I encourage you to order now because her prices are a real value for all of the course and bonus material you receive.

Click here to visit Live Bold and Bloom.

If you want to take a look at Barrie’s work, but you aren’t ready to make a purchase, she’s giving away a FREE guide called The Bold Living Guide: 7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life. It’s 46 pages of great ideas and tips to extract the juiciest bits from life that really generate happiness and fulfillment. Click here to download it  for free right now.

P.S. Here’s what one of Barrie’s clients had to say about the course:

“I’ve read many books and done several workshops in my quest to discover my passion, and I only wish that Barrie had created her course years ago – my search would have been so much easier!!! Barrie guides you through the process with a series of simple yet powerful exercises that help you understand who you really are, what your purpose is, and what makes your heart sing. If you’re ready to take action and change your life for the best, this is the perfect course for you. And if you already have an idea of what your passion might be, the course can help you focus on the actions you need to take to make that very passion lead your life. I can’t recommend this e-course enough!” ~ Cristina
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