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20 Ways To Stop Stressing Through Life And Start Smiling Today

how to stop stressing

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ~Terri Guillemets

Own up.

Does the sound of your alarm stress you out?

Because deep down you’re dreading another day?

Another day you feel overwhelm creeping up on you. Another day you just can’t stop stressing through.

Another day you secretly wish you could forget before it’s even started, but one you know you’ll remember again for all the wrong reasons.

You’re like a coiled spring. So over-wound there’s every chance you will actually snap.

And then what?

Stressy Nessy

It sure wiped me out for years. Oh boy, I stressed through each tiny part of every day for so long I thought it was normal.

Stressy Nessy, that was me.

Scared of making a mistake, of looking foolish. Never knowing how to say no and terrified that everyone would realize what a giant fraud I was.

What a mess! My emotions won each time. And they made each day torturous. Forever on tenterhooks, permanently on red alert.

Stress. It took me over. Completely.

I actually got up each morning to stress through the day because I thought I couldn’t control it. That there was no way out.

And it took for it to get ugly at work, and for it to get very messy at home for me to realize I had to change.
Because my life wasn’t worth the daily grind of anxiety, stress, worry and fear that consumed my waking hours.

Ironically, I hated that all-consuming stress so much, it drove me to a profound truth:

I am stronger than stress. And you are too.

You just need to the tools to gently defeat it. Some simple steps to put yourself back in control.

And I know, just like me, you’ve read and tried some great advice. But stress still gets the better of you. Sometimes it still overpowers you.

I found that what I needed back then was something I could do right then.

When stress bubbled up, when the siren started screaming in my head I needed real-life, real-time answers.
Thankfully I found them, phew! And am I super grateful.

I’d love for you to have the means to de-stress and reclaim your life, like I have.
There are many, simple things you can do to prevent and manage stress. It won’t be perfect. You’ll need to keep chopping away at the root of your anxiety and stress.

But these tips will help you calm your racing thoughts, tame your hammering heartbeat and restore your peace of mind.

Find the ones that work for you because some will, some won’t. We are all unique. Some may even stress you out more! We all respond to different things. I can de-stress by stroking a snake, but I don’t think that works for everyone! (Don’t worry, I haven’t included that ‘tip’ here).

So read through them all and learn how to stress less and smile more…

1. Confide in a friend.

This is what good friends were put on this earth for. A stress shared, is a stress halved. Friends are the ultimate stress-busters.

2. Hug your family.

Slow your pounding heart by letting their love gently wash over you. A family hug is what families were put on this earth for.

3. Kiss your partner.

Soothe your fried nerves with the calming sensation of a loving kiss. Combine this with a hug and some confiding and your good to go:)

4. Call on your extended family.

As an added stress diffuser, or if your single and friends and family aren’t around turn to your pet. Gently release the tension in your muscles with each loving stroke of your beloved furry member of the family.

5. Journal it away.

Sometimes you can stop stressing with some ‘me’ time. Settle down with your journal and open the gate on your stressful negative thoughts by letting them flow out onto the page.

6. Color it in.

While your in a creative mood, adult coloring books rock:) lose yourself in the harmony of colors and the form of the pattern or picture. Let your brain rest with this beautifully structured, no-need-to-think activity.

7. Smell the flowers.

Settle your agitated nerves with the naturally sedative effects of aromatic plant extracts such as lavender or bergamot. Rosemary can also work as a relaxant and mood booster.

8. See the colors.

Restore your natural harmony with colors that have a positive impact on your stress level: green calms anxiety like nature, blue calms like the ocean and the sky, or try different purples like violet to bring a sense of peace.

9. Drink it in.

10. Curb stress before it builds up a head of steam by drinking black tea, scientifically shown to reduce stress.  Accompany it with some dark chocolate. Lift yourself from a low mood with this delicious treat which increases the natural boosters of serotonin and endorphin.

11. Hold your breath.

Quell rising panic by closing your eyes and breathing in slowly and deeply. Now hold your breath and picture your diaphragm acting as an impregnable dam keeping panic from spilling over. Breathe out slowly and gently push anxiety down with your diaphragm.

12. Use Your sleep.

Restore your exhausted nerves with the peace of restful sleep. It’s particularly critical when you’re stressed as tiredness adds to anxiety and tension. Try a warm bath or warm drink and a screen-free hour before snuggling under your softest sheets.

13. Stop the world.

Gain greater control over anxious thoughts with the powerful benefits of meditation. Be comforted every day that you’re mastering how to break negative patterns and make positive choices through increased mindfulness and self-awareness.

14. Calm your words.

Regain your composure when anxiety ties your tongue in knots by smiling. This conscious act, focuses your thoughts on your mouth, not your words. And naturally boosts your mood and confidence.

15. Ask for help.

Whether at home or work don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it all. We all get stressed, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. At work ask a co-worker or your supervisor for help.

16. Say no – and yes.

Tame your rollercoaster emotions by consciously saying ‘No’ to stress and ‘Yes’ to calm. By gently turning down additional tasks, responsibilities and events you’ll create restorative time and space where stress fails to flourish.

17. Repeat a stress-busting mantra (out loud).

Interrupt your cycle of stressful thoughts with a positive repeated phrase such as ‘I am taking back control of my peace of mind’ or ‘I am gently moving away from stress and back to calm’.

18. Do the washing up mindfully.

Wash away stressful worries by scrubbing the dishes instead of loading up the dishwasher. Pull the plug and picture your anxiety swirling away down the drain. It’s a proven stress-buster.

Or do the ironing. – find relief from the chaos of your anxious thoughts by turning a basket of wrinkled clothes into neat stacks of perfectly pressed order.

19. Make your bed.

Counter those feelings of not being in control early on by creating instant order – make your bed immediately on getting up.

And if you find stress or anxiety sneaking in, put yourself back in charge.  Any time you feel lost or not in control in the day, declutter and ordering the contents of your desk or handbag. Like making your bed, it’s only a small thing but can work wonders.

20. Do proper nothing.

Take a 5 minute break and simply sit and stare into space…

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering. ~–Winnie the Pooh

Stop stressing and start smiling

Take back your life from stress

Stop. Breathe.

You can now be in charge of stress when it starts to bubble up. You can gently push it back down.

You can regain your breath, your composure. You can calm your racing heart.

Imagine looking forward to the day when the alarm goes off.

And at the end of the day imagine remembering it for all the right reasons.

Hey, you can cope with today.

You can enjoy your tomorrows.

And as for your alarm?

Well that’s going to sound like welcoming birdsong.

Happy mornings:)

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