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The Scientifically Proven Cure No Doctor Will Prescribe

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I was stressed out. Way out.

My blood pressure was out of control. Dangerously so.

I needed to calm down, to relax.

But the doctor’s words did the opposite:

“You could have a stroke! You must lie down.”

A Wake Up Call

I had started feeling odd that morning, but had only gone to the doctor to check a chest infection had cleared up.

It had. But now I had something much more immediate to worry about.

I’d had a series of aliments starting a year ago. And each one seemed a little more serious than the last.

And I realized that unless I found an answer, this one might be my last.

The answer to my ills

Fast forward and my blood pressure is now under control. It needs to come down a little more, but I’m out of any danger zone.

And I’m not stressed out. At all.

And I owe it to the doctor.

Not for lowering my blood pressure, she didn’t.

Not for prescribing me any drugs. She didn’t recommend any.

But for alerting me to the problem so I could cure myself.

Because even though it is a scientifically proven cure, no doctor would  prescribe the pill I took.

The pill was regular doses of…gratitude.

And it was sweet enough to go down without a spoonful of sugar.

The life-changing power of gratitude

Think gratitude is something that gives you a fuzzy feeling inside and little else?

Well, gratitude cured me of my stress-related ills.

And it can do the same for you.

But not just for stress-related ills. For a whole lot more….


12 Little-known reasons to be grateful - infographic


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