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14 Proven Ways For More Positivity In Your Life


Positivity can send a strong message of who you are, and can serve as powerful armour in times of adversity. Positive thoughts build skills, improve self-confidence, boost health, improve performance and lay a happy foundation for life.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to remain positive, since the human brain is hardwired to identify threats and guard against it. This protection breeds pessimism and negativity, and magnify the perceived likelihood that things may backfire.

It’s during these negative or conflicted times that staying positive becomes challenging. Here are easy steps for creating more positivity in your life:

1. Believe positivity is a choice

See being positive as a preconceived strategy. Choose to stay positive all the time and take on the responsible approach to maintain it throughout your life.

Evaluate your current situation, choose a positive viewpoint about it, create a positive vision about the future from this new standpoint, and think of all the possibilities to get there.


2. Get all negativity under control

Learn to control your immediate reaction and responses to negative situations or thoughts, by instantly creating a space between this negativity and yourself.

Only respond after thinking, planning, assessing and considering the consequences. You need to establish reason, find the logic, and calculate the aftermath before you act.

Avoid over analyzing or over thinking the situation. Old wounds are normally the cause of thinking about it too much and can distort the trueness of this current event.

3. Focus on 3 things that make you happy every day

Analyse what it is that comes naturally to you during the day. Maybe you simply have to go to gym to feel good and you get edgy when you don’t. Or you find that cooking is where you spend most of your time. Or you may find yourself dreaming up stories all day which could mean you love writing fiction.

Find those things, write them down and evaluate why they make you happy, and then try to put that findings into other things.

4. Honor your intuition

Learn to trust your intuition (or gut if you will). If you’ve never thought of it being a real contender, consider studying the art of positively using your intuition, as this intuition is the truest insight sent to you from up above.

Listening to, honouring and valuing your intuition, will allow you to make better and smarter decisions, help to control mulling thoughts, and minimise the affect other people’s opinion have on the situation.

5. Build your confidence

People who know their true value, have something worthwhile to say, and others by default will listen. Developing an understanding of your true values and sticking with it, will increase your confidence to handle every situation.

Attend seminars and workshops to expand your knowledge and skills in your area of business or career. This also provides the opportunities to meet and interact with other positive individuals who are serious about their self-worth.

6. Practice positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are probably the best way to build and maintain a positive attitude. Find all the things that would make you feel powerful, write them down and read them out loud twice a day for 21 days so this can become a part of you and not just something you recite.

Use words that evoke strength, for example: “I am a powerhouse of positivity. I have the courage to tackle any situation with ease.”

7. Do something creative

Creativity makes life infinitely more interesting and fulfilling, and is the catalyst of lifelong activity. It keeps you inspired, makes you recognise the endless possibilities available, and teaches you to appreciate the beauty of your mind and this world.

Creativity embraces originality and makes unique connections to produce something amazing.

When you’re creating it’s impossible to dwell in negativity.

8. Form a daily meditation habit

Spend time alone to experience mindfulness. Mindfulness is slowing down to become present in the moment, and experience everything you see, feel, smell and think as it comes to you. Close your eyes and be still. Let the thoughts come and go, this is the first step of a deep meditation regime.

Visualising yourself in all the positive ways that you can, controlling each negative situation with strength and ease. Think about your positive intent and visualise how that would translate into your life right now.

Deep meditation happens after you’ve calmed your mind completely, slowed your breathing, and generated feelings of safety and contentment. The more you learn to enjoy your meditation, the less reasons there would be to get restless and your mind wandering.

9. Learn to live in the moment

Make the very best of now, value it for what it’s worth without being influenced by the past or future.

See now as a new positive beginning. Stop thinking about what could have been and starting looking at what can be.

10. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and sleep well

Never underestimate the gift of health. It’s the greatest form of wealth you’ll ever own, and the foundation for every chance at happiness and success.

Movement fights depression. A healthy body has all biological functions performing optimally, which means you’ll always have the energy and vitality to do the things you love and want. This ultimately brings far more positivity into your life than anything else.

Your body is the only place you’ll ever live, so respect it, care for it, love it and showing the world you’re happy just the way you are, will become easy.

11. Don’t take anything personally

It’s never about you. People almost never do things because of you, they do it because of them. You’ve heard of the expression: perception (how they see or feel about things) is projection (they put it on you) right?

Liberate yourself. There’s a huge amount of freedom that comes when you detach from other people’s negative beliefs, behaviors or criticisms.

12. Tell someone what you admire about them

Everyone wants to feel good. The more you tell people positive things about themselves the more they will return the favour.

When you do this often, you’ll find that you build deeper relationships naturally, which opens up all sorts of opportunities.

13. Celebrate your achievements

When you hit a real milestone, don’t hold back, celebrate it. You’re always entitled to happiness and joy, and to be proud of your accomplishments.

Reflect on the achievement and identify how you can redirect that energy to start working on the next goal.

14. Strive to become a social billionaire

Make a positive contribution to society. Meaning doing something selfless and kind for the benefit of your community with the aim of help creating economic growth, innovation, and social upliftment.

Jason Silva says in one of his very positive and energetic videos, the billionaires of the future are those who will positively affect the lives of billions of people. This should be our ultimate goal and our future responsibility.

There you have it – 14 proven ways for more positivity in your life.

This is how to project positivity and send a message of confidence and strength.

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