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Minimalist Christmas: Mindblowing Presents from Zero to 25 Dollars


By Mary Jaksch

Are you sick of advertising that tell you to buy expensive presents for Christmas? I am. I think that we can express appreciation and love in other ways – not just in terms or how many dollars we spent. Here is a list of fun presents that range from zero to 25 Dollars.


  • Write a poem;
  • Give a voucher for a fun makeover. (Two young friends recently gave me makeovers for my birthday. One made me up as a blushing bride, the other – directly afterwards- as a punk rocker. Each time I had to sauce along an imaginary catwalk. It was a very funny evening!);
  • Give a voucher for 2 dinners at your home. You can offer different themes on your voucher. For example Mediterranean or Thai;
  • Paint a picture or create some other art or craft piece;
  • Give a voucher for a photo portrait or a video of him or her.
  • Ebook by Arvind Devalia: Make it Happen: For a Better World and a Better World

$1 – $10 Books and stuff that change your life

$10 – $20 Books that blow your mind

$25 Dollars

  • Kiva gift certificates allow the recipient to make their own loans to entrepreneurs around the world and help alleviate poverty. Your recipient chooses the loans, receives repayments, and can choose to lend again and again! It is a one-of-a-kind gift that keeps on giving. (I’ve just given a Kiva gift certificate and my friend loved it!)

These are just a few ideas for a minimalist Christmas. What do you suggest?


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Mary is passionate about helping people create a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. She is the founder of GoodlifeZEN and also the brains behind, one of the biggest blogs for writers on the Net. Mary is also a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

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