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How To Live A Healthy, Wealthy & Stress-Free Life

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Most of us have too much stress in our lives.

It comes from a thousand little things, all building up to the point that it affects our mood, our clarity of thought, and even our health.

That damage to your health also joins forces with all the small health decisions we make every day that affect our bodies. When your health begins to suffer, your stress goes up, increasing the cycle.

To make matters worse, as health suffers, it can directly impact finances in surprising and significant ways. With money being one of the most powerful influences on stress levels, that impact on your financial situation can make a huge difference.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Minor daily choices for health can save you $$$” quote=”Minor daily choices for health can save you thousands of dollars” theme=”style3″] every year. For most people, tens of thousands of dollars a year represents a huge number, and well worth taking a second look.

A short daily exercise routine can help in a number of ways, for example. The exercise will help your body stay healthy and strong. It will help reduce or keep off extra pounds, and will generate endorphins that can positively influence your mood all day long.

By staving off obesity, you’re reducing grocery bills, dramatically reducing medical expenses from the literally dozens of medical conditions linked to obesity, reducing life insurance costs, and saving money on eating out all the time.

Saving even ten or fifteen bucks a week on eating out can shed significant weight over time, and eliminate that desperate need to find a few extra dollars quickly when all the bills come due at once.

In fact, making a couple of small steps toward improving your health each day can add up to a substantial investment in your physical health, emotional health, and even your overall wealth.

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Combine those healthy choices and saved money with some smart investing, and you could live a longer, healthier, and wealthier life.

Check out this infographic from Anastasia of  Investment Zen for some tips on how to improve your body and your bank account.

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