How to Have More Fun

How to Have More Fun in Your Life

By Mary Jaksch

Are you about to set some heavy goals? Maybe you want to be more successful, lose weight, find the right partner, do more exercise …
I can see you cringing at the list. How about a very simple goal (if you can call it that) for your life…

Have more fun
If you’re considering how to change your life, having fun is an essential ingredient. Remember that ‘fun’ is not a static state of being. To have fun, we need to move, be creative, and enjoy the company of others. We need to sing, dance, run, play – or whatever else tickles our fancy.

Watch this joyful video below, Hoy Bailaré (Today I’m going to dance) by Argentine musician Leon Gieco. The video is all about how to have fun – whatever your circumstance.

(email readers, click here to watch it)

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