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    How Motivation Works


    By Mary Jaksch

    What motivates you? Do you respond best to intrinsic motivation, or to extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within. As Daniel Pink, author of the bestseller Drive says, there are three main internal drives that motivate us.

    Autonomy: the ability to direct your own life.
    Mastery: making progress.
    Purpose: doing things that matter.

    Extrinsic motivation is based upon the idea that reward boosts motivation. In the following two amazing videos, Daniel takes us through the newest research about what motivates us. In the first one, Daniel lays out his ideas. In the second video, Daniel explains more details in an interview. First, watch the funny and compelling presentation below:

    If you enjoyed the video above, check out this interview with Daniel Pink. He’s an animated speaker, and fun to watch. AND he knows what he’s talking about

    What’s your sense intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? What boosts your motivation?

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