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Happiness Around The World [Infographic]

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Wanting to be happy is universal.

Millions of people Google “how to be happy” every single day.

It’s the million dollar question that some cultures seem to have mastered more than others.

Across the globe people have their own little daily rituals – from transitioning from work to relaxation over an apéritif in France, to spending time in nature (Friuluftsliv) in Norway:

Between the chaos of school, work and other commitments, it can be a challenge to take care of yourself emotionally. Even though today’s world is busier than ever, it is possible to make space for the little things that will make you happy.

This wonderful infographic shows how it’s exactly those little things in life that make you happy – no matter where you live.

Courtesy of: SavingsSpot

What little things do you do that makes you happy? Let me know in the comments below.

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