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Get Sexy, Sleek and Social with the Great Fitness Challenge

A guest post by Courtney Carver  of Be More with Less

While there is rarely a bad time to start a new exercise program, the beginning of a new year screams, “Start Now!” For the first time in many years, I don’t have a big weight loss resolution or appointment with a trainer to set up a new workout routine.

I have exercised my whole life, but never with any great consistency until I started practicing yoga a few years ago. Yoga has shown me that I am stronger than I thought, and has opened my mind and heart to a deeper practice, and other forms of moving everyday.

In October, I joined the Good Life Zen exercise forum and have been logging my workouts daily. With the feedback I get from other members like Mary Jacksh and Leo Babauta, I am accountable and inspired to keep going. After three months of exercising almost every day, I am happy to report that it has been well worth the time and effort. (Click here to join the Great Fitness Challenge 2011.)

The benefits of a regular exercise program

  • Lose weight – I’ve lost 10 pounds in three months.
  • Gain strength – When I started, I could do 10 push ups. Now I can do 10 one handed push ups.
  • Better health – I have Multiple Sclerosis and find that the more I move, the better I feel. I am symptom free and stronger than ever
  • Fewer aches and pains – While I do sometimes get sore from working out, I don’t experience the usual aches and pains of the day like I used to.
  • Be sexier – Dropping weight, improving flexibility and gaining energy are all ingredients for a more vibrant sex life.
  • Feel happier – Quite simply, working out makes me happier.
  • Sweet dreams – I sleep more soundly when I am working out regularly.
  • More productive – Even though I spend 60-90 minutes 6 days a week working out, I have more energy and clarity to take on my other responsibilities.

With all of those reasons to workout, there are an equal number of reasons not to workout. I’ve heard everything from, “I don’t have time” to “I’m so out of shape that I can’t do it.” and “I’m too tired.” I’ve even come up with some creative reasons of my own. There is only one way to overcome your objections and squash your excuses and that is to just start. You might start small with 10 minutes of stretching everyday, or join a yoga class, or like me, commit to P90X, a 90 day video workout series. You may not feel like working out at first, but do it anyway. I can almost guarantee that after a few weeks, you will crave it.

Why join the Great Fitness Challenge 2011 and good life zen exercise forum

  • It’s Free – Unlike a gym, the Good Life Zen exercise forum is absolutely free! There are no annual fees, hidden charges or surprises.
  • Accountability – Once you post your first workout, and see that other people are supporting you, you become accountable for your actions. If you post, “Today I will run 1 mile”, you are more likely to run the mile vs. not telling anyone.
  • Commitment – Even something as simple as logging into the forum demonstrates your commitment to be healthier.
  • Connection – I have met people in the forum from around the world. From France to New Zealand to San Francisco. We all have different backgrounds and locations, but all have a common desire to support each other’s quest for health. As serious as that sounds, we also have a little fun along the way.
  • Learn something new – Members in the Good Life Zen exercise forum do everything from running, cycling and kettlebell training to yoga, and karate. Learn a new way to workout, and share your favorite moves.

Men and women of all ages and abilities are welcome, so stop by and say hello.  There is more to be said about the positive benefits of daily exercise and the forum, but I’m out of time. I need to go workout! Please post any questions about the Good Life Zen exercise forum or benefits you’ve experienced from consistent exercise in the comment section.

Read more from Courtney at her blog, Be More With Less or follow her on twitter.

Courtney says:

Joining the A-List Blogger Club has been nothing short of life changing for me. Not only have I had unlimited technical support, and feedback for my blog, but I have connected with amazing people in a very meaningful way. With the support of the A-List Blogging Club, I’ve become a better blogger, and launched new projects. Leo and Mary lead this group with great passion, in such an authentic way. I couldn’t be more grateful for their help and for creating a place for bloggers to learn, grow and connect. – Courtney Carver: Be More With Less

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