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How to Draw Inspiration From Life’s Obstacles


Life is full of surprises. Not all of them pleasant.

When you hit an obstacle in life, how do you respond?

Yes, you who are reading these words: How to you respond?

Do you give up? Or do you fight to overcome the obstacle?

Or are you able to draw inspiration from the obstacle life has put in your way? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it.

Imagine this …

Amy Purdy was just 19 years old, gorgeous, a passionate snowboarder, ready to travel the world.

Then, one day, everything changed.

Amy contracted bacterial meningitis, fell into a coma and finally lost both her legs. After she left the hospital, Amy fell into a deep depression. But then something amazing happened that changed her life completely: she found a way to draw inspiration from the catastrophic event.

Her story is one of the most inspiring accounts I’ve ever encountered. If you want an instant lift of spirits and want to know how you too could draw inspiration from life’s obstacles, please watch the video below.

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