Do YOU Know Which Foods Beat Cancer? New Research

By Mary Jaksch

New research shows that cancer research is moving in a new direction. Now there is evidence that certain foods prohibit cancer from taking hold. Or stop it coming back.

Check out this video by Dr. William Li. He explains that drugs designed to cut off a cancerous tumor’s blood supply show promise, but diet can help keep the process from even starting in the first place:

According to Dr. William Li, we should eat the following foods in order to starve cancer: red grapes, strawberries, soy beans, parsley, and garlic. Check out the video to see amazing graphs of how these foods can help cancer to be starved of blood supply

Dr. Li also cites research by the Harvard School of Public Health  by Dr. Lorelei Mucci of 79,000 men:
“Men who consume 2-3 servings of cooked tomatoes per week have a reduced risk for developing prostrate cancer by 40-50%”

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