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How To Defeat The Blues This Winter

defeat the blues

Are you blue?

According to ‘experts’ this Monday was ‘The Most Depressing Day Of The Year’.

Nicknamed ‘Blue Monday’  Dr. Cliff Arnall insisted it was one of the most depressing days ever:

Credit card bills are a big problem after Christmas, snow, ice and floods are causing worries, and many feel a lack of motivation.

Well, here at GoodlifeZEN, we believe happiness is more an internal matter than external, we’ve come up with an antidote to all that gloom and doom nonsense.

An infographic to put the smile back on your face – literally.

Have a look at the infographic below and let us know in the comments what’s your answer to defeating the blues this winter?

And what makes you smile?

The Difference a Smile MakesJunomedical

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