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Bloggers – Join the Blog with Heart Challenge


By Mary Jaksch

Do you want to alleviate world poverty? We do! And we’ve come up with a plan…

Mary Jaksch from Goodlife Zen and Arvind Devalia from Make it Happen are hosting the Blog with Heart Challenge 2009/2010 in order to harness the combined power of blogs to alleviate poverty.

The best ways to alleviate poverty is to give people a hand-up, not a hand-out. That’s why the Blog with Heart Challenge 2009/2010 joins forces with Kiva, a highly respected micro-lending non profit organization.

First of all, let me say that I’ve investigated Kiva very carefully. I think they’re great, in fact they’ve recently won the ThinkSocial Award. I’m personally happy to support Kiva. (Neither Arvind Devalia (who’s co-hosting the Challenge) or I have any financial interest in Kiva – apart from being enthusiastic lenders.)

In an article published in FORTUNE magazine, you can read that Kiva is the toast of Oprah, the Today show, and Bill Clinton’s latest book, Giving.

Here is how to participate. It’s easy, and just takes 2 minutes. (You’ll need a minimum of 50 subscribers by the end of December)

  • Register with Kiva here
  • Start your blog’s lending team at Kiva (use the name of your blog)
  • Lend $25 – click here.
  • Invite your readers to join your blog’s lending team. (Let them know your lending team’s URL which you’ll find when you click on your team on Kiva)
  • Drop us a line to say that you’ve joined: blogwithheart[at]
  • Cook up a storm: write posts and send tweets about the Blog with Heart Challenge

Arvind has set up a Resource Page with lots of stuff about the Challenge. You can find articles about the Challenge, as well as heaps of videos about Kiva (all with embed codes ready to pop into your blog). Just take anything you find there and use it on your blog in any way you like.

Mary and Arvind are also happy to give interviews. Email us here:BlogWithHeart[at]

We’d be delighted if you would write some Tweets.

Here are some Tweet templates:

Join the BLOG WITH HEART CHALLENGE It’s a fantastic way to alleviate world poverty. Please RT @Mary_Jaksch

Want to help alleviate world poverty? Check out and join the Blog with Heart Challenge. Please RT!

Hey – I’ve joined the BLOG WITH HEART CHALLENGE! Check it out here: @Mary_Jaksch

Join the Challenge now – let’s join hands and do what we can to alleviate world poverty.

Drop us a quick email at blogwithheart[at] when you’ve joined.

Mary and Arvind

P.S. If you have questions, please email us here: BlogWithHeart[at]


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