What Would You do With Your Life if You Could do Anything?

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Life is short. In fact, it seems to rush by faster and faster. Many people give up on developing new dreams. And yet life is full of possibilities at every moment. I think it’s important to pack life with living to make it really juicy! My goal is to be able to lie on that last hospital bed and think, ‘Yes! I REALLY lived this life!’

The Secret of Feeling Grounded

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To feel grounded, it’s important to touch the earth.

Have you ever wondered why full prostrations are a ritual in many world religions? One of the reasons is that something important happens when we bow down and touch the ground with our body: We pour ourself into the earth and into the sky. And this outpouring makes us feel grounded.

Here are some ways to feel grounded:

  • Sitting on the ground

Most people sit on chairs or on sofas,

10 Must-read Articles on Authentic Happiness

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Do you want to feel happier?

Here is a selection of articles that will help you to feel happier in life:

Authentic Happiness

What Are Your Signature Strengths?

15 Questions That Reveal Your Ultimate Purpose in Life

5 Ways to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

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To effect lasting change, you need to access the total power of mind and body.

Here are five ways to use your inner power to make your New Year’s resolution stick.

The first and most important point is that in order to stick, resolutions need to be embedded in a life plan. Because change won’t happen unless you have a good sense of where you want to go.

Are Some Things too Hard to Forgive?

By Mary Jaksch

Are there things you find too hard to forgive? The following story of Peter and Linda Biehl is a wonderful example of what compassion and forgiveness can achieve.

In 1993 their daughter, Amy Biehl, an 26-year-old Fulbright Scholar, went to South Africa to work in underprivileged communities. Shortly before the end of the apartheid era, Amy Biehl was stoned and knifed to death by a crowd of young blacks.

Attention – the Most Precious Gift

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Running toward Christmas at fast-forward pace, there is one thing that is sure to give us pause: What will we give to our loved ones? Every shop is ajangle with Christmas tunes and the shoppers swarm in hordes. It’s hard to avoid being part of this consumers’ rush.


Here is a different take on how to be a consumer; it is from a New Year’s wish from Brazil:


There are things that can be consumed without consuming the world we live in.

Zen and the Art of Blogging: Help or Hindrance?

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Is this blog helpful? Read two contrasting responses:

I love your blog! It has re-kindled my former interest in Zen.

Compare this to an email from a colleague:

What I read in your blog shocked and horrified me. It has nothing to do with Zen and leads people astray!

These two reactions are poles apart. I’m confident that what I’m writing here is beneficial,

How to Recover the Fun of Playfulness

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Are you playful?

Playfulness is fun part of life that we tend to mislay as adults. In our culture there is an expectation that children should play, but adults must be serious. Personally, I think being adult is highly overrated.


When I planned this post, I wanted to write about the fact that we learn through playing, that we recover from stress though playing,

Can we Learn to be Happy?

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Happiness is not something we can buy. And it’s not something others can give us. Can we learn to be happy?


Happiness is about being connected

If we learn to be more deeply connected with others, we become happier. There are ancient Buddhist teachings called the Four Noble Abodes which focus on learning how to connect. The four abodes or modes of being are loving-kindness,

Circle of Kindness: Pay it Forward

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Kindness is medicine for the world.

I want to follow a suggestion by a fellow-blogger, Leo Babauta, and publicly offer a kindness.


I will offer one free place on my next retreat for someone who can’t afford to attend.

(If you are interested in attending a retreat please click here)

Maybe you would like to join in this circle of kindness?