How to Cultivate Intelligent Movement for Mind and Body

By: Anastasiya Goers  Do you feel that exercise is punishment? That’s what I used to think growing up every time that my Mom tried to send me in for sports. I used to think, ‘How can a person enjoy all that sweating, pain and discomfort?’ Instead, I loved to dive into the fictitious world of […]

Boost Self-Confidence: 5 Critical Skills You Must Know

Author: Barrie Davenport Did you know having self-confidence is as critical to your overall happiness and well-being as good nutrition is to your health? That may sound like an overstatement, but research shows having self-confidence dramatically improves your finances, your relationships, your career, and your achievement in all areas of your life. Dr. Timothy Judge […]

How To Conquer The Time Paradox, And Eliminate Your To-Do Pressures

By Laura Leigh Clarke If you’re a go-getter, you likely have a to-do list as long as your arm. You take on more than most people, simply because you’ve become good at juggling and “managing” yourself and as a result, you have to just keep going for fear of letting a plate drop. You probably […]

Do You Know and Use the Key to Happiness?

Why Self-Belief Is Essential and How to Develop It

By Eduard Ezeanu How do you actually come to believe in yourself? And how does this work exactly to help you get what you want? These are the questions that I’d like to answer, drawing from my experience as a confidence coach. I want to help you move from wanting to believe in yourself to […]

How to Open to Joy in Everyday Life

By Elana Miller, MD I’ll be honest. The word “joy” used to make me cringe. For some reason, I associated this word with something… cheesy. “I don’t have time for joy,” I thought. “I’ve got important things to do.” Until a few months ago, when as part of my meditation practice, I signed up for […]

How to transform your experience of life in 15 minutes a day

By Akshay Nanavati Despite what conventional wisdom states, people do not resist change. You don’t believe me, do you? Well, let’s take a look at human behavior: Today, as you read this, there are 370,000 babies being born all across the globe. With them, hundreds of thousands of new parents are welcomed into the joys […]

How To Be Happy When Your World Is Falling Apart

It’s fairly easy to be happy when life is treating you well.  But what about when the s**t is hitting the fan, you feel like you have no control and nothing is going your way? Why how you think and feel about it all is your choice. You can choose to throw your hands in […]

How To Totally Rock The Things That Scare You

A guest post by Laura Leigh Clarke If you’re like most people, you probably have things that deep down really scare you. Things that make you hang back, when you wish you could move forward. Things you’d just rather not think about – let alone discuss openly with people around you. Thoughts that crop up […]

Radical Listening – 6 Strategies For Deeper Connections

Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much. -Robert Greenleaf In a recent post, we talked about why you might be undervaluing your listening skills, and how that’s costing you. In this post, I’ll share some helpful techniques to improve your listening ability. But before you keep reading, check yourself: how important is […]