How To Live Every Day Like A Miracle

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Are you waiting for your dreams to come true?

Do you await that one day in the far future when you can start living the life that’s possible for you?

Have a bucket list filled with your deepest desires?

Most likely, you have a long list of things you want to experience and accomplish some day.

However… that someday may never come.

If you spend your life working at an unfulfilling job, postponing your life dreams and avoiding joy, you’re going to find that your entire life will have passed by in a flicker.

There’s some good news, though.

You don’t need millions of dollars, a winning lottery ticket or some glorious life-changing event to live a miraculous life.

A small shift in perspective, creativity and small daily practices are all you need.

I made these shifts in my life and now I wake up to a miraculous life every day. All I did was prioritize some of the things I had been told my whole life. Today and every day now, I find miracles in my life.

Here’s how to live every day like it’s a miracle.


1) Do something you’re passionate about every day.

For me, this is writing.

I loved writing and had thought about writing for a long time, but never started on it.

A life-changing breakup inspired me to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. That was 5 years ago.

Today, the part of my day I look forward to most is my writing.

I feel passionate, joyful and creative when I write.

I’m so thankful for committing myself to my life’s passion – it’s a feeling that helps me feel like a millionaire daily.


2) Practice a daily act of generosity.

You might think that you have to be rich or have lots of free time to give back.

You don’t.

You can do it no matter what your circumstances are.

Here’s the secret about giving – you get a lot more in return when you give.

Once the giving switch turned on, I couldn’t say “no” to any opportunity that came up that allowed me to give.

Every time I give money to someone on the street, contribute to my favorite charity or help someone, I feel joy and ecstasy.

Giving – and feeling good about giving – helps you live from a place of miracles.

3) Feel good regardless of your reality.

I used to let my current circumstances dictate my mood.

If I was doing well at work and things were going well, I’d be happy.

If not, I would feel as bad as the circumstances were. I would dwell on the disappointments, failures and negativity when things were going badly.

Yet, to live miraculously, I started shifting my focus to the feel-good things that were going on in my life, regardless of my current circumstances.

If nothing good was happening at the moment, I would reflect on things that I previously felt great about.

I would think about my goals.

I would turn on a song or a movie that helped me feel good.

Cultivate joy and feel good regardless of what’s going on around you. Focus on the joy and positivity in your life daily.


4) Thank the universe for small things.

Look out every day for positive events unfolding in your life.

Be grateful for the good things, no matter how small.

When the traffic moves, be thankful. When you get something for free, celebrate. When you’re complimented, jump a little.

When you take small things and appreciate them, you will see more good things unfolding in your life.

Shift your mind from a complaining and judgment mindset to a gratitude mindset.

Set an intention to go out and look for the good things every day.


5) Unschedule your life.

Think of time as a miracle and cultivate more of it. How do you create more time? Simple.

It’s not something we learn to do; it’s essentially unbundling all your commitments and demands. It’s saying “no” often so that you can focus on what makes you happy and fills you with joy.

The fewer commitments on your calendar to other people, the more time you have available for yourself to do what brings you alive.


6) Take one step towards your dream each day.

You don’t have to quit your day job to pursue your dream – that’s the good news.

But life is a lot sweeter if you acknowledge your dream and work towards it.

Use a visualization technique or reflect on your deepest desires – what do you want to accomplish in the world? What would be your wildest dream life?

Take small steps each day to move toward that dream. Write a few hundred words a day if you’re a writer. Join a dance troupe if you’re a dancer. Take an art class if you see yourself selling your art some day.


7) Feel the light within.

Most of us don’t have time for spiritual pursuits – to connect with the universe around us or to connect with ourselves.

Try something different – carve out a few minutes each day to get in touch with your soulful side. What brings you immense joy and makes you vibrate with a sacred energy? Could it be a word of inspiration, a walk in nature or a silent meditation?

Find out what connects you spiritually and dedicate a little time each day to cultivating the light within. Allow it to come from within but let it shine bright to all those around you.


8) Open your heart to receiving.

I’m not talking about fancy cars or checks in the mail here.

How about receiving in general?

Often our hearts are so closed that we can’t accept even love, friendship or a compliment.

Work on lowering your resistance to intimacy, affection and love.

Accept the words of affection that people say to you. Take the gift someone gives you. Accept the help or the kind gesture.

Affirm that you are open to receiving love and kindness. Affirm that you’re open to receiving gifts, generosity and blessings.


9) Believe that everything is working in your favor.

There are two ways to live in the world. You can believe that everything is working against you, or that everything is working for you.

The miracle mindset – and it is a mindset – encourages you to think of every positive and negative event as pushing you forward in life. It’s pushing you towards something greater and towards your dreams.

The miracle mindset believes that joy, happiness, peace and pleasure are readily available to you and will come to you if simply get through the difficult times.

The difficult and challenging times in our lives are preparing us for the greatest ones to come.

How is this event working in your favor? How will this improve your life? Where is the miracle here?

What are you doing today to live a more miraculous life? Please share in the comments below.


Vishnu writes a personal development and spirituality blog for people starting over in life. To sign up for weekly posts, visit For his books on relationships and heartbreak, visit his Amazon page here
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  1. Robin says:

    haven’t thought of these mind sets before. They will especially help me in negative situations.
    Thank you for this article. It has come a a good time.

  2. Agnes Tolentino says:

    Thank you for this well written article. It is a miracle in itself. Ive been practicing #2 and you’re right. There is tremendous joy in giving esp to those who cannot give back in return. The reward is far more fulfilling than the gesture. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

  3. Jerry says:

    What’s a practical example for #9

    • Vishnu says:

      Hey Jerry – look at negative events that happened in the past in your life and remind yourself of the positive outcomes that came out of it.

      Look at any current struggle or challenge and ask yourself, “what is the good that this is leading to”. “How is this going to help me?” “How is this going to move my life forward?”

      Look for the potential good or favorable outcome in any situation you face.
      Vishnu´s last blog post ..How to Cure Your Love Deficit

      • Sheena says:

        Very good response 🙂 I am a firm believer that something good comes from everything. It truly does. I even have many at work accepting that now and you will often hear them say it in meetings when discussing something that has taken place. It is a lesson / line I have learned from my parents and has always held true 🙂 Take care, Sheena

  4. Once again I would like to point out that the Blog is absolutely fabulous!

  5. Kathy says:

    Love these miracle ideas … will reread and reread …..

  6. Chuks Okoro says:

    I love this piece; it is an embodiment of truth. I will certainly appropriate it in my life.

  7. Kim Orr says:

    Hi Vishnu! Your words reflect your name — someone who is interested in preservation (of the postiive) and cultivation of joy!
    You give us a little jewel, “Cultivate joy and feel good regardless of what’s going on around you. Focus on the joy and positivity in your life daily.”
    This is a practice that is not always easy, but is truly rewarding as you know. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas.

  8. Dr Gulam Mohd Chinchwalker says:

    Zen you are universal friends burning the light of hope in mind . It happen in many people life the wind and tide are not in their favor for long time but they should have hope that one day the wind would change tide would be in our favor .Success is sure for one who has faith , hope , confidence but for all that one need patience courage

  9. Shawn Lim says:

    I really like the last point, miracle mindset. Yes, we can choose to believe either everything is working against us or for us.

    Sometimes when times are tough, I will choose to dream, imagine achieving my goals and choose to believe in the possibilities.

    Thanks for the tips above. They serve as great reminders to me and my dreams. 🙂
    Shawn Lim´s last blog post ..How To Discover Yourself In 7 Simple Steps

    • Vishnu says:

      Thanks Shawn – I believe you’re living the miracle mindset 🙂 yes, we do have a choice on how to respond to how things turn out. In that power of choosing our perspective is our own power. Thanks for reading, commenting and inspiring others with your writing.
      Vishnu´s last blog post ..5 Steps to Manifesting a Partner

  10. Hello Vishnu
    Great post! I think all nine off those tips are really helpful and quite usefull . I especially liked # 4 thank the universe for small things. You have to have the gratitude mindset. Thanks for this value-packed post.
    Darrell Harris´s last blog post ..13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

  11. Grace says:

    Some really great ideas here for improving mindset. It’s all about the small steps you take each day. Thanks and great work Vishnu.

  12. JoelaScott says:

    Wonderful article.

    Might I make a suggestion and say that Wake Up Grateful should be on the list?

    Everyday that you wake up is another to to enjoy life. Don’t forget that some don’t get that chance.

  13. Ivy Riego de Dios says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom…

  14. This was really beautiful, Vishnu! I felt uplifted reading it. I especially love #8. Thank you

  15. Neha Bindal says:

    Wow.. What a great and feel good article to start another great day 🙂

  16. Great advice and great article. When I’m struggling with emotional pain or start thinking ‘why is this happening?’ I remind myself of how blessed and grateful I am to be alive and having the opportunity to experience this life event. It’s happening for a reason. I also remind myself that I’ve been through this before and survived, so I can do it again…I can handle.

    Thanks for sharing


  17. Stephanie says:

    Thank u for your wonderful posts!! U have a terrific way of stating these principles and mindsets so simply, making it seem easy for anyone to achieve. I just need to dig in, stop procrastinating and make them happen. Thank u!!

  18. The news is very interesting thank you very much for the information ..

  19. Vishnu,I just stumbled on this blog, What a inspiring blog ! I recently read the article that a person ,with the spiritual emotion of gratitude is always close to God and just started practicing gratitude in my daily life. I am experiencing loving peaceful feeling in my heart whenever I practice gratitude , It give me the feeling of contentment and how much Universe is giving to us.

    Your Point #9 is really aligned with how we are spiritually grow​ing,nourish our soul inside us every moment ​ – whether I react to situation by reacting negatively ​making myself starve spiritually or respond to the situation by thinking positively and nourish myself spiritually..

    Thanks for beautiful article Jagriti​

  20. Daphne says:

    Wow! Really excellent post.. It has just swapped the negative thoughts in my mind and created a positive energy. Great work 🙂

  21. Lata says:

    I just don’t get over with my problem, I don’t see that behind this pain there is. Light, I am 60 and seperate dude to some other young girl in my husbands life, and being indian I don’t see anything that I can do, I am lost.
    Help me.

  22. Eldon Grant says:

    However, it was too late. Still, I say, if don’t read this post today, a lot of things in life would have continued unknown.
    It should not be free at all #Vishnu!
    Love to see you here motivational speakers seattle. Please reply if you are still there.

  23. Tash Thomas says:

    I will definitely be saving this one to my reading list and sharing with all my friends. I 100% agree with everything that you have written and often try to get those around me to think the same way.

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