How To Start Meditating

learn to meditate

Mary Jaksch

Do you want to start meditating?
Do you wish you could cope with stress and find that peaceful center within?

Meditation can change your life in a wonderful way.

Many people try to meditate, but find it just too difficult to get going – and to keep going.

The ZEN Meditation Guide makes learning to meditate easy.

You’ll get a meditation guide that answers all your questions about meditation.
A podcast with a guided meditation makes meditating really easy. Your mind will immediately calm down and become focused as you listen to my guided meditation.

PLUS Guided Meditation PODCAST

PLUS Meditation VIDEO

I’ve also included a video with a simple meditation you can do throughout the day.

Because meditating can improve your life, we want to make the Meditation Guide affordable, so instead of costing $47, you can get the Meditation Guide for only $7.90 (for a limited time only).

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how to start meditating

Mary Jaksch, Zen Master