How to Make the Most of Your Life: 50 Wise Tips

how to make the most of life

How to make the most of life

Life is precious.

But how to make the most of your life?

Here are fifty wise tips by readers on how to make the most of your time on earth.

1. It starts with being present and in the moment. Really appreciating the ‘small’ things in life – the smell of the morning, the feel of flannelette sheets, the warmth of a hug, the gift of a smile. And gratitude.

2. Follow your passion and you can create a life you can be proud of. The formula is really simple: find what makes you useful and happy.

3. Speak for those who have no voice. Make a difference in someone else’s life.

4. Help others, love fully, judge less, and take care of your body and your mind

5. Help your family and make sure they are okay.

6. Heal, if you need to be healed, forgive if you need to forgive, learn to love if that is your lesson.

7. Strive for a healthier, more purposeful life to get to the bones of existence.

8. Listen, breathe, and seek for the answers to who you are and what you are meant to do, as they are unique to all of us.

9. Face and accept pain and hurt, and to act in spite of fear.

10. Discover who we truly are – and live that life.

11. Use your own sense of self to look at others without judgement, see them with clear eyes and exercise compassion.

12. Remember to be present in each moment, see what beautiful thing is here now, no matter how small.

13. Take the time to really look carefully and contemplate.

14. Stay in the present and know we are where we are supposed to be.

15. Get to know the true nature of mind, seeing thoughts and emotions for what they really are – just clouds passing by in the sky.

16. Be in the present moment and extending love, kindness, and compassion to myself and others.

17. Take all your activities, beliefs, work, thoughts, feelings and contributions and make a gloriously messy patchwork of what’s true for you and your place in our earth community. Stitch the patchwork together with peaceful reflection and laughter. Decorate with love and courage. Realise that sometimes a patch will wear out or tear and you’ll have to decide whether you can mend it or must replace it.

18. Whatever your passions and dreams are – live them now!

19. Never stop learning. . . learn to love unconditionally and love to learn empirically.

20. Live every moment like it’s your last.

21. Take risk and chances because later in life you’ll look back and know that you lived your life like you wanted to, and that it was all worth it.

22. Take care of your body. Health and fitness has an effect on every aspect of your life.

23. Have a plan and actively work it to how you can make the most of your time.

24. One way to make the most of life is to be open to and selective about ideas. The more we extend our language, the more ideas we’ll meet and entertain and go ahead with as if beautiful to experience.

25. Realistically assess your talents and abilities and look for opportunities to apply them in ways that will grow human culture into the future.

26. Stretch yourself now and then. You may have more resources than you know.

27. When in doubt, go with that other great human strength–the most compassionate choice.

28. Care for the sick, injured, and infirm.

29. Love, love, love, and when you’re afraid you have nothing left, love some more!

30. Put your unique talents, skills and insights to use by helping others.

31. Give friendly advice or share some knowledge to help someone along their path.It can make a world of difference.

32. Be as present as possible as often as we can.

33. Quit judging yourself so harshly.

34. Know that you are a vital part of humanity and therefore essential to this world we live in.

35. Be gentler, kinder and more respectful of our planet.We owe it to the planet and animals, our forests and our oceans to restore the health they once held.

36. Be a collector of things and people that make you happy.

37. Find richness in knowing and observing all different kinds of people.

38. Do what you love to do, love the people you love, and grow in spirit.

39. Enjoy life.

40. Just do it. Don’t end up with a life unloved.

41. Always try to do more for others than what you do for yourself. Something as simple as opening a door for someone else, letting someone go ahead of you in a queue, saying good morning to someone who is on their own can create good karma.

42. Do volunteer work.

43. Love your family. They are the people who really matter.

44.  Don’t worry about what others have to say about how you live your life.

45. Lower your expectations, it makes life less complicated, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest.

46. Work towards love always – to give and receive love. If, on your death-bed, you can say you’ve made others feel loved… that’s a fulfilled life.

47. Don’t forget to have fun. Do what you can – then go to the movies.

48. When you feel confused, look up at the sky and feel the spaciousness of all things.

49. Set goals and plan – but be flexible and resilient if your plans don’t work out.

50. Remember that starting over is a great a opportunity.

Which of these recommendations touches you most? You might also want to add some more tips. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. jr cline says:

    Number 17 really caught my heart and mind.
    jr cline´s last blog post ..APADF6 66

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  3. jared says:

    Great list. I’ve found the most transformational for me has been the simple concept (as in #19) that life is about learning, not winning. More importantly is the process of moving from a narcissistic view to love unconditionally. That I am love and to only give and receive love and be of service. The work is waking each day and reminding myself of that and not getting caught up the race. That I’m always in transition, even from this body. But as mentioned in #36, the universe tends to magnetize me to a collector of things that make me happy. Or as one person described me the other day, “a happiness broker,” that just made my day.
    jared´s last blog post ..HTBH 017: Effective Communication with Your Spouse or Partner

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  5. Diana says:

    #50 as I am in a moment of transition in my life. I remind myself each day that I am doing the work and moving forward. Growth and knowledge can rise from pain if we are honest.

  6. Charles Tutt says:

    Thought provoking. Raises MANY questions. I like that.

  7. Bobbi Emel says:

    I love #48. When I am stressed, I often tell myself, “Look UP!” It always expands my vision and imagination beyond my current problem.
    Bobbi Emel´s last blog post ..What are you living each day?

  8. Johan Niemann says:

    Smile 🙂

  9. Lorii Abela says:

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing these wise tips. Also some of it are thought-provoking.
    Lorii Abela´s last blog post ..Why Cross Cultural Relationships Are Becoming the Norm

  10. Ogay says:

    Numbers 24, 41 and 46 catch my fancy. I find it quite amazing that what I’ve always believed in is a good guide to leading a good life. I’m happy my notions of a good life are not wrong. Keep your good works on. Long Live Goodlife Zen!!!

  11. AbduL Rauf says:

    Wow, amazing!
    Inspired from Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days, I am going to read this list every day in the morning before kick starting my day, see who much of it I can get absorbed in.

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  14. Great List! I am actively trying to do more of Number 21 at the moment – take more risks – in order to create the life that I dream of. It’s easy to live a life of playing-it-safe and staying in stagnant paralysis… It’s much more scary to make big, bold decisions that can change everything. But therein lies the reward!

  15. Awesome list! I keep seeing number one repeated over and over today. I guess my higher self is trying to get something through to me. Thanks for taking the time to create and share this.
    Joshua Tilghman´s last blog post ..The Prodigal Son: An Esoteric Understanding of Ascension

  16. Love this post and all the great reminders! “Live every moment like it’s your last” jumps out at me and feels like the bottom line for living a meaningful life. These are definitely worth saving and rereading. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Cathy | Treatment Talk´s last blog post ..Treatment Talk Monthly Message – July 2012

  17. DSG says:

    Very concise. Thank you.

  18. Erik Frimann says:

    Very true.
    There is a lot in this world to be ungratefull for. So many problems, so much ugliness.
    But then, then is much (more) to fill one with gratitude. It’s a simple choice. Life itself.
    You get god at what you do. Find and focus on what makes you grateful. So simple.
    Best of all to you all, and thanks for for the hare/turtle video. Being laid back (in the Grace of the Universe) is the fast way. Less is more. Don’t do what is not important, and let the hares run in circles, they don’t even nap. You’ll have time and ressources left over for yourself in abundance. The hares just waste time and effort in utter confusion. Breathe slowly, smile inwardly and experience the bliss of the inner short-curcuit’ing of knowing. Any child can do it.

  19. Diya says:

    What a beautiful article.

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