Dan Ariely: How to Go from Victim to Victor

The explosion comes from out of nowhere. Flames surround me.

I can’t see through the glowing white light of burning magnesium. Instinctively, I back away from the flames. Smoke permeates the room and although I can hardly see, I know my T-shirt is on fire.

As if in a dream, I use my hands to put it out. Time slows down. I am thinking what to do next. Someone calls from the other side of the room and tries to guide me toward an exit.

Realizing I am trapped, the flames bursting between the door and me, I run through the fire in order to escape.

This is Dan Ariely’s story of how he sustained horrific burns. Faced with years of rehabilitation and suffering unimaginable pain, Dan started his journey of exploring the power of the mind. In particular, he wanted to find out what influences our behavior. Dan Ariely is now the James B.Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University.

Watch the inspiring interview below that Jonathan Fields make with Dan Ariely in his new Goodlife Project. (If you’re reading this by email, click here to watch the video).

What do you think about this video? (Please respond in the comments).

Here are two thought-provoking books by Dan Ariely:

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  1. Shelley says:

    very few conversations capture my attention the way this one did. This was not only a fascinating subject, but Dan is an absolute inspiration. What a terrific interview. Thank you for sharing

  2. Scott A. says:

    Current endeavors to upgrade my life leave little to no room for television, yet this leaves some time and need for at least some passive entertainment. Videos like this one with Dan, which is educational, enriching and meaningful, is also easy to watch, positive, keeps one’s interest and relaxing. A great replacement for most of TV’s entertaining but zero net value content.

    This is a positive reflection on the work of Goodlife Zen’s reporters, directors and producers, as much as it is for Dan’s content and life’s work.

    Thank you,
    Scott A.

  3. Bobbi Emel says:

    I love to listen to behavioral economists and hear their take on the world. They are such great observers of our common humanity and why we do the things we do.

    I think Dan Ariely’s personal story speaks to the idea of Post-Traumatic Growth, where the person who has been traumatized is able to not only recover, but thrive from adversity.
    Bobbi Emel´s last blog post ..The only answer to sorrow is to live

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