How To Crush Procrastination Forever

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Let me guess.

You are brilliant and have many ideas that could make you money and help you to fulfill your dreams, but when you start doing something, you rarely finish it.

Chances are you often become fired up by perceived outcomes only to end up not taking any action towards fulfilling your purpose because you feel overwhelmed.

You wonder, what’s going wrong – perhaps maybe because you’re not self-disciplined enough.

You set up a task and decide to follow time management. Still, you can’t get anything done.

Think about it.

I bet you know what I mean; once you hit a certain point, you can’t make yourself work anymore.

You can’t force yourself to do a major task or change some habit because you hate anxiety and pressure.

So, you try to figure it out all at once. Could it be that there’s just not enough time to find inspiration and complete those important tasks?

The Mistake People Make About Procrastination

Can I be straight with you for a moment?

You’ll never have enough time in your life to change these things. Ever!

And it’s not just you; this applies to everyone, even successful people.

Most people think, procrastinating is about time management, they say you can get anything done if you manage your time effectively.

It’s not true!

Procrastination is not just about time management, it happens in every sphere of life.

First, you have to understand procrastination.

What Procrastination Really Is

There has been a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to procrastination as well as time management.

You’ve heard it many times, “to stop procrastinating, use your time efficiently and you will get things done.”

But it goes beyond that.

Procrastination is simply knowing the right thing to do, but never being able to do it.

For example.

For someone that drinks a lot of alcohol, procrastination might be trying to become sober, but never being able to.

For an accountant, it might be, not being able to maintain their account.

For a blogger, it might be the failure to do the background task and keeping their weekly blog updated.

Consider someone who’s trying to stop an addictive behavior, but has never been able to do it with time.

If he’s to do it efficiently and change the behavior, he will need more than just time.

If you are struggling to stop procrastinating, it’s not because you need to use your time efficiently. It’s also not that there’s something wrong with you, or you don’t have enough willpower; it’s just that you’re not mentally prepared enough for the task you’ve created for yourself.

The solution is to strengthen your mind.

And this post is your training regimen.

To end procrastination forever and build a fulfilling career, these are things you need to do to train your mind for success.

1. Recognize your pain and pleasure

Here’s the deal.

You see, the secret of ending procrastination is to recognize your pain and pleasure in whatever you’re trying to get done.

Most people are overwhelmed because of the pain during the process of working on an individual task and will often end up ignoring the task because they lack the long-term vision that excites them and carries them through the tough times.

They concentrate too much on the pain and forget the pleasure.

To reach your goals quickly, start by setting a task and then highlight the reward that follows the task.

For example,

The reward of keeping your weekly blog up to date will be quickly building an engaging audience that is always ready to listen to you and buy from you.

Maybe your goal is to change a habit or work hard on your project; always set a reward that will motivate you through to completing the project and keep you engaged while working on that particular task.

Think, what will I achieve if I get this done right now? Go for it, remember the time is now.

2. Stay True To Your Decision

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

The best way to train your mind for success and to get things done is to make a decision and stay with it through to the end.

Think about it. How many decisions have you made and stayed true to?

Chances are, you have made a decision to achieve a certain milestone, but soon enough you lose your vigor and your attention drifts in and out of the inane dialogue in your head.

But the ugly truth is……

Successful people do have something valuable that quickly paves the road to their success, and that’s staying true to their decision.

Perhaps it’s time to activate this drive in your life. Start by making a single decision that could enhance your life every day and stay true to it.

Little by little you will be learning to thrive without forcing yourself.

Okay! You’ve got it! Now, let’s talk about creating awareness.

3. Create Awareness

“I must work the works of him that sent me while it is the day: the night cometh when no man can work.” – Jesus Christ

Start by finding some quiet time and reflect on the reasons why you procrastinate, what are the habits and thought processes that lead you to procrastinate? Write them down, then list only what you can commit to and complete.

Once you write it down, always follow through no matter what; by doing that you will be rebuilding the trust in yourself and you will start getting things done with results that will make you feel proud again.

4. Believe In Yourself

Be confident in yourself and believe you’re doing the right thing and keep moving forward even if you’re not seeing any meaningful reward right now.

Think of the bamboo tree, it grows under the soil for a long time, you can’t see any results happening in nearly a year.

But the plant’s definitely not dead or even dormant. A whole lot has happened under the surface. It’s building its root structure far below the ground. Then, one day, all the underground work is done.

Suddenly the shoot pops up, a full-width stalk, and the tree starts growing at an insane rate of several inches to as much as a foot a day.

This should be similar to the kind of growth you will experience; you might have months or even years, where it feels like nothing is happening.

Then suddenly, you’ll take off, as if it’s an explosion!

So you can’t let yourself get stuck, you must believe you can power through it.

Success breeds success.

Once you start experiencing the small wins every day you’ll be hooked, you’ll want more.

To end procrastination, recognize your pain and pleasure, stay true to your decisions, be aware of things that slow you down, and believe in yourself.

Then you’ll be making progress every day and finally living your dream.

So get started today. Your future is waiting for you.


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  1. stephen says:

    A good read indeed….Thank you

  2. Very helpful…maybe a key for me. Thank you

  3. Cephas Tope says:

    Hey Apela,

    Glad, you find it helpful, Thanks.
    Cephas Tope´s last blog post ..Microsoft Office 2013 Crack version

  4. Kayla says:

    This is a very good read thank you

  5. This post is filled with fresh ideas Cephas. You’ve absolutely nailed procrastination “Procrastination is simply knowing the right thing to do, but never being able to do it” and shared such positive and do-able strategies to defeat it. Thank you for this.

  6. Dustyn says:

    “Start by making a single decision that could enhance your life every day and stay true to it.”

    I think this right here is one of the most valuable tips regarding procrastination.

    You must take a single goal, a single decision, and implement it day in and day out every single day, even on the smallest of scale at first.

    Like you say, eventually it will become easier to do and that is 100% TRUE!

    Loved this entire post, stop procrastinating and stay true to your decisions people! 🙂
    Dustyn´s last blog post ..How to Stop Being a Victim: 11 Practical Ways

    • Cepphas Tope says:

      Thanks Dustyn,

      Most time the problem is that we set too much task for ourselves and end up not taking action on any, at the end of the day.

      So, by focusing on a single task and get it done will ease our pain and make things more easier.

      Thanks for your input.

  7. Shawn Lim says:

    This is a great article.
    I used to suffer from procrastination, but somehow, I changed my habits and I seldom procrastinate anymore. Glad that I’m more committed to my goals now.

    The 4 tips you provided above are effective and they work. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. Braja says:

    As they say, ‘If not now, when?’. The time to stop procrastination is now. The person to do it is me. And the place to do it is here.

    Thanks for the nice article.

  9. Renayle Fink says:

    This is a great post! The best takeaway for me is the comparison to the bamboo plant, that we won’t see anything for a year, not because it’s dormant, but it’s working behind the scenes, and then suddenly, everything comes together and it shoots out. For me, I used to procrastinate if I didn’t see results right away. I now realize it’s consistently blogging that it helps me to grow and soon, everything will happen. I will “power through it.”
    Renayle Fink´s last blog post ..Fall in Love with Writing: A How-To Series

    • Cephas Tope says:

      Yes Renayle,

      You’ll definitely power through it if you’ll just keep doing what you’re doing, and learn new way to improve your brilliant ideas.

      Everything work together for good and your success is not left out. so keep working and enjoy your down time.

  10. Hello Cephas
    Great post! It was very insightful and inspiring. You are exactly correct as far as procrastination. That example of the bamboo tree was very enlightening. Thanks for this value-packed post that was truly inspiring.
    Darrell Harris´s last blog post ..13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

  11. Harvey Meale says:

    A good article but I think it’s important to mention that a certain amount of procrastination is healthy and in fact optimal. There’s a TED Talk on how procrastinating is a positive thing and that the key is to figuring out just how much.

  12. Camilla Hallstrom says:

    Wonderful post, Cephas! Believing in yourself really is the best cure for procrastination.

  13. Ong V says:

    Great post. I love number 4 where you mention the bamboo tree, and indeed personal growth is a process and it will be years before the quantum leap happens.

  14. Thank you for this information .i like your website because it have a lot of articles that they happen in everyday of our life.

  15. Kyle L says:

    Great article Cephas! I think recognizing pain and pleasure is really important, especially because while procrastinating, you disguise your pains with a false sense of pleasure. There’s actually a video I just watched about procrastination that I think will complement your article. I’ll link it at the end, but please let me know what you think of it! Keep up the great work!

  16. Oh! Cephas, itz me Eldon. I always read your all posts here. Like other times, you’d given the great post.
    Lazy but talented is not carry any value nowadays. I think your post will be helpful to explain that.

  17. Julian says:

    Brilliant article, and great to keep up the motivation levels going.

    I also believe in thinking of the long term goal to keep me going, the big, ‘why’ so to speak.

    Of course, worst case scenario, if I do get demotivated, I use Gamma waves online, which help my focus levels. What are your thoughts on those?

    Thanks for posting

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