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Deepak Chopra: Why Gratitude Helps You Get in Touch With Your Soul

By Mary Jaksch

Gratitude is a wonderful emotion. What happens when you feel grateful is that your ego disappears for a moment. Instead of trying to project yourself into the world, you become open and receptive.

If you want to feel happier, try keeping a ‘gratitude journal’. At night, just before going to sleep, write down everything you feel grateful for as you review the day. It’s a proven way to feel happier.

How Meditation Can Make You Feel Happier

By Mary Jaksch

There’s an ongoing debate about whether meditation actually makes us feel happier.
Is happiness really a side effect of meditation?

The answer lies in the emotional thermostat

We all have an emotional thermostat. There is an emotional ‘set-point’ around which our daily mood swings. For some people, the setting is low and they experience mostly darker moods. Others have a higher set-point that allows them to experience sunnier moods.

A Simple Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

By Mary Jaksch

Mindfulness meditation is a simple and effective way to meditate. Whether you want to become calmer, be more present, or simply become grounded, mindfulness meditation will help you.

How long should you meditate for?

If this is your first experience of meditation, just meditate for short periods of time, maybe 5 to 10 minutes. As you get more experienced, you can lengthen the time you spend meditating to 25 or 30 minutes.

Why Meditation Improves Brain Power

By Mary Jaksch

If you meditate regularly, you’ll know that even a short meditation in the mornings has the power to improve the way you experience your whole day. Not only will you feel more peaceful and relaxed, you’ll also be more alert, feel more positive, and have a greater sense of empathy.

That’s why meditation techniques have been refined over thousands of years.

But do you have to meditate for years in order to experience the benefits?

Zen Meditation: How to Enjoy It

By Mary Jaksch

Zen meditation is not only a way to feel more peaceful or get rid of stress – it’s an amazing journey into the unknown.

Maybe you are a beginner and have never meditated before. Or maybe you are an experienced meditator.

In any case, it’s important to approach meditation with Beginner’s Mind. Approach each meditation as if it were for the very first time.

Zen meditation is called Zazen.

Want Inner Peace? Learn to Forgive

By Mary Jaksch

It can be difficult to forgive those who  hurt us. In fact, we sometimes cling to our grievances and grudges. Because our stories of grievance and resentment are a way to define who we think we are.

Just think for a moment – do you carry stories of grievances?

I’ve met many people whose lives are completely consumed by their story of neglect or abuse. It may be a story of how their parents or other family member mistreated them,

Strung Out? A Simple Way to Calm Your Mind

By Mary Jaksch

Are you feeling stressed? Maybe there’s a deadline bearing down on you like a freight train, or an unpaid bill that keeps reappearing in your mailbox. It’s easy to feel strung-out and stressed at those times.

Stress equals preoccupied mind plus tense body.

A tense body is the result of a preoccupied mind. Check in with yourself for a moment. What are your predominant thoughts? 

Apply the 4 Secrets of Universal Breathing – and Be Reborn Every Minute!

Time to be reborn every minute!

A guest post by Patrick Stoeckmann from Unwrap Your Mind

Breathing – it is our most basic function. And it is the most essential for survival. Yet most of the time we don’t think of it consciously, we just do it.

And we have no choice, since our subconscious tightly controls the automatic rhythm of inhaling and exhaling to ensure our survival.

While there are many techniques to control breathing especially in Yoga,

Mindfulness: How to Turn Stress into Serenity

By Mary Jaksch

Are you stressed? Is life running too fast and you just can’t keep up? Does your life seem like an unending list of tasks and not enough time to complete them? If so, read on. Because there is something you can do to turn stress into serenity. Something simple.

All of us experience times when life seems full-on. I’m in a stressful phase right now as I’m completing a project that Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and I dreamed up together.

How to Expand Your Circle of Confidence


By Mary Jaksch

Confidence doesn’t happen. We create it. Even though in the past other people may have knocked our confidence, we can change how we feel right now. Here are some trick and tips to show you how to make that change happen.

We can expand our circle of confidence.

Your circle of confidence is what you think you can do. For some people, this circle is very tight and there are only a few aspects of life where they feel confident.