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Need Energy Now? 11 Guaranteed Ways To Feel Superhuman

need Energy Now - Woman with arms outstretched

You don’t know what’s wrong with you.

No matter what you try, you can’t conquer the exhaustion that drags you down all day.

Friends and colleagues ask if you’re okay, and you always reply that you’re tired.

You need energy now, but most “solutions” are disasters.

Naps backfire. You snooze the day away, only to wake up more exhausted than before.

Caffeine prevents sleep but doesn’t fix the root problem,

6 Unexpected Ways Exercise Improves Your Mental health

mental health - woman and girl doing push ups

Jack LaLanne, nicknamed the Godfather of modern fitness, exercised until the day before he died at 96. He once said, “Exercise is the catalyst. That’s what makes everything happen: your digestion, your elimination, your sex life, your skin, hair, everything about you depends on circulation.”

Well, many people hit the gym or go outdoors (for cycling, jogging, and swimming) because exercise improves their heart rate, pumps more blood to the brain, builds muscles,

9 Experts Share The Secret To Their Amazing Creativity

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How often do you manage it?

That amazing creative flow.

The one that electrifies, excites and exhausts you all at once. That  leaves you out of breath even though you’re sitting down at your laptop.

It’s like your fingers have their own story they’re desperate to get down.

Ideas form effortlessly. Words fly onto the screen. Creative genius fills your page.

You feel incredibly satisfied, creatively gratified.

How to Cultivate Intelligent Movement for Mind and Body

intelligent movementBy: Anastasiya Goers 

Do you feel that exercise is punishment?

That’s what I used to think growing up every time that my Mom tried to send me in for sports.

I used to think, ‘How can a person enjoy all that sweating, pain and discomfort?’

Instead, I loved to dive into the fictitious world of novels, exercise your brain by learning something new or get creative with some crafts.

How to Keep a Fitness Journal

fitness journal
Keep a fitness journal

You maybe one of those lucky people to whom healthy lifestyle and exercise come naturally.

But for a vast majority of us, it takes a lot of hard work and will power to even form a regular habit.

I’ve struggled with it, over and over again. Once I get into a routine of exercise,

The Key to Fitness and Lasting Weightloss

A guest post by Linda Formichelli of Happy Fit Coaching 

Do you struggle to lose weight and get fit?

Here’s what I hear from 90 percent of my female wellness coaching clients: “I was thin when I was a teen, then I put on weight when I went through a divorce/when I hit 30/when I went through a stressful time at work — and now I’m 20 pounds overweight.

Health Problems? How to Feel Inspired, Empowered, Uplifted and Hopeful in 5 Minutes Flat

By Mary Jaksch

If you’ve ever struggled with ill health, you’ll know how disempowered a visit to a surgery or hospital can make you feel. If you’re accompanied by a friend or family member, doctors will often turn to them to ask, “How is she feeling?” – as if we’re not even in the room!

Health activist, Dave deBronkart, says: “Patient is not a third-person word!” Talking of Dave, he’s a extraordinary guy who found out that he was suffering from terminal renal cancer and was looking at a median life expectancy of twenty-four weeks.

New Habit on a Slide? This Three-Point Strategy Will Get You Back on Track

By Mary Jaksch

Did you make a resolution to start a new habit a while ago? Maybe you were determined to start exercising, lose weight, get up early, stop smoking, start meditating, and so on. What happened – did you manage to establish a new habit? Or is your new habit on a downward slide – or never really got off the ground?

The problem is that humans beings tend towards homeostasis,

Strengthen Your Inner Core With a Little Soul Training

A guest post by Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering

I’ve been working out lately – getting stronger, more lean, flexible and energized, but not in the way you’d think. I’m not talking about swinging kettle bells or running 5K every morning. Nope, I’m talking about something else – something I’ve learned from swinging kettle bells and running 5K every morning. I’ve learned that a strong core is more than just abdominal and back strength –

Want to Establish a Good Habit? Use This Secret Mental Force

By Mary Jaksch

Have you ever wanted to establish a new habit but then your motivation wavered and waned? You are not alone. It happens to most people.

Many people who wanted to join the Fitness Challenge wrote that they were nervous about losing motivation along the way. One person said (echoing the concern of many others):  “My weakness is that I start and then stop too quickly.”