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How To Crush Procrastination Forever

Procrastination - man at computer

Let me guess.

You are brilliant and have many ideas that could make you money and help you to fulfill your dreams, but when you start doing something, you rarely finish it.

Chances are you often become fired up by perceived outcomes only to end up not taking any action towards fulfilling your purpose because you feel overwhelmed.

You wonder, what’s going wrong – perhaps maybe because you’re not self-disciplined enough.

9 Experts Share The Secret To Their Amazing Creativity

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How often do you manage it?

That amazing creative flow.

The one that electrifies, excites and exhausts you all at once. That  leaves you out of breath even though you’re sitting down at your laptop.

It’s like your fingers have their own story they’re desperate to get down.

Ideas form effortlessly. Words fly onto the screen. Creative genius fills your page.

You feel incredibly satisfied, creatively gratified.

5 Powerful Ways to Transform Anger Into Joy

transform anger into joyIt happened again.

You tried to stop yourself. You wish you hadn’t said it. And, yet, despite all your best efforts, you lost it once again.

You know better. You know you should be more “spiritual” and not allow others to push your buttons or disturb your peace. But whenever it happens you are powerless. You just explode.

It’s a vicious cycle and you feel like a failure.

How to Reach Meditative States through Creativity (Even If You’re Not That Creative)

how to reach a meditative stateYou’ve tried meditation, right?

You desperately need something that will help you combat stress and calm you down.

All the experts in meditation say it will make you more peaceful and more present.

You want to go through that doorway into the unknown where meditation is supposed to take you. But you just can’t get your mind to quiet down.

As soon as your mind starts to settle,

How to Turn Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance – Jonathan Field

Uncertainty must be present in the quest to create anything deeply meaningful.
From Jonathan Fields new book Uncertainty

By Mary Jaksch

Do you have creative ideas – but find it hard to make them happen?

All human beings are born creative. We all have good ideas. But on the path from idea to creation we can be ambushed by fear, doubt, and uncertainty –

Zen and the Art of Ninja Productivity

By Mary Jaksch

A short while ago, my friend Leo Babauta of Zen Habits recorded an interview with me about productivity for his great new book, The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination.

It brought home to me how much my long-time practice and teaching of Zen has boosted my productivity. Leo says I’m one of the most productive people he knows. But the funny thing is that there are some small pockets in my life where I’m also the world’s worst procrastinator.

Are You Wearing a Mask that Dims Your Light?

A guest post by Gail Brenner of A Flourishing Life.

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”
~Oscar Wilde

What is the inner light? We know it when we see it in others – a genuine sense of happiness and joy, enthusiasm that emanates, confidence in one’s unique expression. We feel drawn to people who naturally glow because they reflect the potential for our own inner light to shine.

Stop Being Perfect: Unleash Your Creativity

A Guest Post by Diggy of Upgrade Reality

We are all indoctrinated to attain perfection. It starts in school where they teach us to get perfect grades or 100% for tests. Beauty magazines tell us to have blemish-free skin. The media tells us to have a spotlessly clean floor or house. In today’s society, perfection is the norm and anything less than that is just average.

Since perfection is pretty impossible to attain,

How to Live a Fulfilled, Joyful, Creative life

By Mary Jaksch

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do – just in order to survive? It can feel like being a hamster in a treadmill: you run endlessly – but never get anywhere. Let’s look at how to change that. Because there is good news:

Each one of us can lead a life that feels fulfilled, joyful and creative.

All it takes is a radical change of mind and heart.

What If We Treat Life Like a Lucid Dream?

Photo by h.koppdelaney

A guest post by Ryan Hurd .

Paying attention to your dreams is one of the easiest ways to be happier, more creative and more successful. Sounds like a bold claim, but it’s based on solid evidence from thousands of psychologists and dreamworkers. To make my case even plainer: bringing dreams back into your life put you on the fast track to learning what you really want in life and discovering the emotional blocks that are in your way.