How to Listen To Your Heart And Transform Your Life

heart - woman smiling

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. Einstein

What do you do when you feel stuck in life?

Do you listen to your heart?

Or do you weigh the situation? Sum up pros and cons. Think about it. Then think about it some more.

All the while you feel increasingly anxious and overwhelmed.

You think: if only there was an easy solution to making difficult decisions.

How To Find Your Own Perfect Bliss

Bliss - Girl in field with teddy bear

Almost a year ago I made some changes. Some pretty drastic changes.

I sold my house, quit my day-job and moved to the country.

I wanted a simple existence. I wanted to eliminate all responsibility (well ok, most responsibility) and live a life where I could allow life to simply unfold on a day-to-day basis. No real planning. No-one to consider but myself. Pure bliss.

My work is online and completely flexible.

Why Silence Is More Important Than We Think

Silence - two children by pool

Silence is golden.

But for the entirety of my young life, I needed noise. Music, TV, something had to be going on or I felt antsy. Time was a valuable thing, and if I wasn’t using every second of it, what a waste! I carried that feeling right into my adulthood, and you would rarely find me without some kind of distracting sound in the background: a stereo set to my favorite rock station,

8 Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Health and Cripple Your Happiness

Common Beliefs-Happiness- Woman On Beach

The purpose of life is to be happy ~Dalai Lama


Delicious, isn’t it?

The days sparkle, the sun shines and your life feels like an honest-to-goodness Disney movie.

But despite wanting it so badly, it’s proved elusive. And when you’ve finally thought it was in your grasp, you’ve opened your hand and found…nothing.

A family disagreement, financial worries or a bout of poor health can knock happiness right out of your hand.

How To Be Unstoppable In The Face Of Failure

Unstoppable - woman on mountain top

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve got a perfect idea; one that could transform the way people do things and change your life forever!

You immediately scribble it down, start doing everything necessary to turn it into a valuable product and get it out to the world.

But in the middle of working on your stunning idea, you start facing some crucial problems; life starts getting in the way,

5 Myths About Forgiveness That Keep You Imprisoned

Forgiveness - Dove

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~ Buddha

Do you struggle to let go past hurts?

Would you like to be free of the burdens of the past but simply don’t know how to go about it?

Extending forgiveness is one of the hardest things we can do, but it is absolutely essential for spiritual growth and well-being.

21 Ways To Stay Positive In A Relentlessly Negative World

Stay Positive - Woman

I used to wonder how it comes about that the electron is negative…I thought about this for a long time and at last all I could think was ‘It won the fight!’ – Albert Einstein

It’s impossible, isn’t it?

Sometimes the air itself seems charged with negativity.

Prophets of doom fill the air-and cyber-waves with relentlessly depressing news feeds before you’ve even stumbled out of bed or shaken the sleep from your eyes.

How to Survive Against All Odds

how to survive against all odds

In a disaster, would you be a likely survivor?

You see, there are three different responses to disaster. One of the possible responses is deadly, whereas  another response will heighten your chances of survival.

Which response would YOU have?

I’ll illustrate each one of these three responses in a dramatic real-life story and then take a quick look at how you can train yourself to be a survivor.

But first let’s go back to the central question:

Can You Train to be a Survivor?

6 Unexpected Ways Exercise Improves Your Mental health

mental health - woman and girl doing push ups

Jack LaLanne, nicknamed the Godfather of modern fitness, exercised until the day before he died at 96. He once said, “Exercise is the catalyst. That’s what makes everything happen: your digestion, your elimination, your sex life, your skin, hair, everything about you depends on circulation.”

Well, many people hit the gym or go outdoors (for cycling, jogging, and swimming) because exercise improves their heart rate, pumps more blood to the brain, builds muscles,

How To Live Every Day Like A Miracle

Miracle - Child With Flower

Are you waiting for your dreams to come true?

Do you await that one day in the far future when you can start living the life that’s possible for you?

Have a bucket list filled with your deepest desires?

Most likely, you have a long list of things you want to experience and accomplish some day.

However… that someday may never come.

If you spend your life working at an unfulfilling job,