12 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Breathe

How To Simplify Your Life

Here at Goodlife ZEN we’re all about supporting you to lead a happier and more meaningful life. And one of the main modern diseases that kills happiness and meaning is…complication.

Complication is rife in our modern lifestyles: complicated relationships, over busy work and home life and brains overloaded with information and choices!

The answer is to simplify your life. But how?

Luckily we’ve got a great infographic that breaks things down into simple steps.

How To Journal Your Lucid Dreaming And Overcome Your Greatest Fears

Lucid Dreaming - woman journaling

Keeping a lucid dream journal is an important step in the lucid dreaming process, but what is lucid dreaming anyways?

Lucid dreaming is the experience of being aware of your dreams while you’re dreaming them. 

Think of a recent dream you’ve had; now imagine all the possibilities if you had been aware you were dreaming. If something wasn’t going your way in the dream, you could change course. If something was happening that you really enjoyed,

Trump Lies: Do YOU think Truthfulness is Important?

Trump lies

Have you noticed how many euphemisms for lying have recently appeared in the media?

Terms like bogus claims, misleading statements, fabrications, fallacies, whoppers, evidence-free claims, unsupported claims, and many others.

Journalists tend to use these terms when describing Trump’s public statements.

It’s a sign that mainstream media struggles with branding the President of the United States a liar. After much debate, the Executive Editor of the New York Times finally sanctioned the use of the ‘L-bomb,’ and the paper published an article with the following headline :

trump lies

This headline broke the dam,

20 Ways To Stop Stressing Through Life And Start Smiling Today

Stop Stressing - Children hugging

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ~Terri Guillemets

Own up.

Does the sound of your alarm stress you out?

Because deep down you’re dreading another day?

Another day you feel overwhelm creeping up on you. Another day you just can’t stop stressing through.

Another day you secretly wish you could forget before it’s even started, but one you know you’ll remember again for all the wrong reasons.

How Confident Are You? QUIZ

how confident are you

How is your confidence and self-esteem?

As you know, confidence lies at the heart of happiness. Check out how your confidence is by scrolling down to the confidence quiz.

How confident are you really?

How To Defeat The Blues This Winter

Defeat The Blues - Bot looking out of rainy window

Are you blue?

According to ‘experts’ this Monday was ‘The Most Depressing Day Of The Year’.

Nicknamed ‘Blue Monday’  Dr. Cliff Arnall insisted it was one of the most depressing days ever:

Credit card bills are a big problem after Christmas, snow, ice and floods are causing worries, and many feel a lack of motivation.

Well, here at GoodlifeZEN, we believe happiness is more an internal matter than external,

3 Strategies to Boost Confidence and Feel Good about Yourself

strategies to boost confidence

Are you a perfectionist?

Your answer will reveal the truth:

Do you often try to achieve a perfect standard in your work?

Do you feel a need to perfect at everything you do, even at the expense of your health and well-being?

If your answer the two questions above was ‘Yes,’ then you are in danger of being a perfectionist!

Nothing is ever ‘good enough’ for a perfectionist,

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness Right Now

Increase Your Happiness - Women on bicycles

In today’s modern world you are continuously bombarded with what’s good, how it increases your happiness and why you absolutely must have this product or that service.

Marketers tell you that the key to happiness is spending or consuming more, associating positivity with ownership and fame.

Politicians tell you that a strong economy can help create more happiness and contentment.

But the question is; do these things really play a role in bringing eternal happiness?

Are You Crippling Your Confidence With This Toxic Advice?

crippling your confidence

It doesn’t work, does it?

For you, I mean.

It might work for some people, but the truth is, you’re not ‘some people.’

You’re unique. Uniquely ‘you’.

And when you lose touch with your authentic self, the real you, you’re all at sea, unable to find that confidence you so desperately seek.

Because your authentic self is your compass,

How To Make The Switch And Create The Life You Crave

Live The Life You Crave - Woman arms outstretched

Admit it.

You want to have ‘the good life’.

To do the things that matter.

And to make that change you want to see in the world.

These are your dreams.

But maybe you are stuck in a job or a career where you only follow the rules, become what other people want you to be, and end up living the life of others.

Sound familiar?